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We're back!

After a near two-year hiatus due to COVID, we are back in business!

Sax teacher Noah Bartley teaches beginning student Nate during the Spring semester

After almost two years, the Wesley Academy resumed private lessons in January of 2022 to a limited capacity. Thirteen students were enrolled in lessons and performed the first juries since December of 2019 after a great semester of learning.

“ We're just glad to be back and able to check in with the students. Two years is a long time to go without being able to mentor and share music with each other." - David Goins

Because of the hiatus, enrollment decreased and communication with the students stopped. Reestablishing connections with the student population is a primary goal of the Wesley Academy during 2022-2023 in hopes that they can meet the needs of the students.

With mentorship and basic needs assessment being part of the goal of the Wesley Academy, having the in-person meetings is a necessity. With proper safety precautions and immunizations, lessons are able to be held in-person and learning and connecting with each other can resume.

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